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Hello there,

I’m Lindsey, creator of The Filipino Grigio.  Ever since I was little, I’ve been captivated with the ideas of fashion and writing as beautiful modes of self-expression.  My mother instilled in me the value of dressing well, and whether it was a bridesmaid’s dress that fell off my 8-year-old shoulders or an 80s pink linen power suit, I’ve always found myself taking cues from her vivacious, polished wardrobe.  I started this blog as a mode of creative expression (read: an excuse to take photos of myself in stunning Santa Barbara) and continue to use SB as the backdrop for my ventures.  However, since relaunching my site in March, I've since reframed The Filipino Grigio as a site partly for excavating my heritage and family history through the lens of fashion.  In a sense I am simply asking the question, "What does it mean to be biracial right here, right now?"  Perhaps some days that just means latching onto thrifting trends like any other fashion girl.  On others, it's bringing my abaca bags to market or wearing my grandmother's bespoke vintage jackets.

In any case, it’s a journey I’m proud to own up to and I've got loads of content planned to prove it–I hope you’ll enjoy taking it with me.

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